Best Escorts From Rachaels London Escort Agency

I have just had the best seeing to that I have had in years, it has been so long since I hooked up with a escort I had almost forgot how great some of them are and just how boring my wife is when it comes to doing things in the bedroom.

There were a few escorts agencies that I used to use but time have changed and so many of them have now gone, it seems that a new generation of escorts agencies have arrived, they have great websites and are run in a very professional manner.

Rachaels London Escorts a Great London Agency

A photograph of the professional London escort known as Cassie

The one that I choose to use on this booking, my first booking back in the game was one call Rachaels London Escort Agency, I spoke with a women there, I do believe that she is the owner, she has a great telephone voice and really comes across in a good way, a lot better than most of the other escort agencies out there. There a few agencies in London who have receptionists who can not speak a word of English, when I spoke to some of these I couldn’t make a booking because I couldn’t understand a single word that they were saying. You know its bad when you have to say to the girl on the other line that I am going to send you a text message.

Cassie the Blonde Bombshell

The lady that I saw was called Cassie, she is rather expensive but I don’t mind paying as long as the service is up to standard and believe me with this girl it was, the main reason that I picked her was because she was located in Knightsbridge, my thoughts behind this was if she is there she must be getting work – which means she is good, otherwise how would she be able to afford an apartment in one of the most expensive areas in London.

Cassie is a blonde, she is in her mid twenties and is great, when she opened the door I was blew away , I am talking stunning, one of the most attractive ladies that I have ever seen.

Cassie shares the flat with another girl, it is a really nice apartment which is very clean, she has a very nice bedroom and a great big bed, I do like a good bed, it can make everything seems so much sexier.


Sun shining – Mayfair Girls London escorts

With the sun shining down and summer in full swing, London has a much better aura about it than during the dull drizzly winter months, as temperatures rise so do the natural hormones of the male public. There is only one industry that is able to satisfy this increase and that is elite London escorts; these girls have all the right looks and techniques to satisfy any desires you could possibly have. Until you become a client of these gorgeous girls you really are oblivious to the sheer volume and quality of the girls that London has to offer. I have travelled all over the world and without doubt London is the best location when looking for elite escorts. You really can find anything you are looking for no matter what your personal preference is when it comes to women. That being said there are still plenty of girls out there looking to deceive you and some agencies allow this to happen which is why I am a firm believer in becoming a regular client with an agency and building up not only the trust but a genuine working relationship.

Over the past year I have done this with Mayfair Girls and it has been a huge success, I have built up a really good rapport with the people who run the agency and I have lost count of the number of perfect experiences I have had with their elite girls. The agency has an immense selection of girls in the gallery, I have seen it grow from around 50 to 150+ nowadays, all of which are absolute stunners. Constantly changing they have new girls every week and no matter what kind of mood I am in, they always have a girl to satisfy my desires.

Bijou Manchester

Manchester is home to some seriously sexy clubs where the cities most beautiful ladies and gentlemen head off to on a weekend to let off some steam. The ladies dress to impress in tiny figure hugging dresses showing off their impressive physiques and towering heels to elongate their sensational legs. The gentlemen wear a crisp shirt with clean cut chinos and the heady smell of Davidoff Cool Waters gently radiates from their clean shaven necks. They head out with friends to party the night away and more often than not head home in the very Exclusive Company of a sexy lady friend or one of Manchester’s finest ladies the Manchester escorts.

Manchester’s most Exclusive and sensuous club is Bijou, 1-7 Chapel Street, Manchester, M3 7NJ. Renowned for being a celebrity hangout and the chosen spot for the Exclusive Company Escorts sensational Manchester escorts to party, Bijou is all about glamour. Celebrity guests that have been spotted at the club include, Rita Ora, Little Mix, Drake and Ne-Yo to name but a few. This stylish and sophisticated venue has all that its glamorous guests could wish for. The interior is all glass and black leather with a number of bespoke private booths for guests who require an intimate space. The huge main bar has an LED lighting system that works in time with the funky beats played by their renowned DJ and serves the most fabulous cocktails. And outside they have a sensational heated terrace with its own shisha tent for those who like to blow.

Once the drinks are flowing and the beats begin to play the heat rises and the sexy crowd take to the dance floor to move to the music skin to skin. The atmosphere is electric and the passion of the beautiful young crowd increases as the night draws in. By the early hours the ladies and gentlemen will have taken a partner that will stay with them long after the club closes and will accompany them home to continue the party in the privacy of their own apartments. For many the only ladies they want to have a passionate night of pleasure with are the Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escorts. These beautiful ladies are heavenly beings that are experts in the art of seduction and take gentlemen to the realms of ecstasy. At Bijou guests can always be assured that they are partying in the most Exclusive Company.

Dior London escorts on twitter

london escorts on Twitter

Here is my review for a great London escort that I first lady eyes on when I was looking at Twitter.

London Escort Agency Twitter

I have never thought of booking an escort before, sure I love beautiful ladies but the thought of paying for sex was way out of the question until that is, I was looking through a Twitter profile.

The other day, someone I follow had re-Tweeted a post from a London escort agency, Dior Escorts, and it was a photo of a girl with her boobs out, I was at home alone and thought that I might find some great wanking material there, all of us guys love to do it – it’s a great way of getting rid of stress. The Dior Escorts Twitter profile is always updated with their latest news and services.

A photograph taken of Cassie from Dior Escorts . (The one with her boobs out!)
London Escort with her Boobs out

When I went to their profile I couldn’t believe it, they have loads and loads of girls, I had a flick through the pictures with the sole purpose of just knocking one out but I couldn’t get it hard, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head of what it would be like to actually bang one of these hotties.

My wife was away and what she doesn’t know will not hurt her, so decided to phone up the agency, the girl that I wanted to book was Monika and as you will see from her photos she is hot.

I couldn’t believe it, it was so easy to book and they were so friendly, it’s really not hard.

Within a few minutes of speaking with the lady on the phone, I had a text message with all the details that I needed and I was off.

I thought that I would get the tube – purely because it is so simple and I got there 30 minutes before my appointment was due to start.

My Moments with Monika

Monika lives in a very tall apartment block right on Paddington, the apartment is massive and very very clean. Monika looks like her photos and is very very sexy when she opened the door she was fully dressed but as soon as I paid her she stripped down to very sexy underwear that barely covered her bits.

I had the best time, I could believe how great her oral skills were and how she kept me dangling on the edge, I nearly came 3 times but each time she stopped and let me calm down, this was so much more fun that sitting at home on my own masturbating and I will be doing it again.

Monika tells me that she sees couples all the time and I am just wondering how I could go about getting my wife involved without giving the game away about this little bit of play time.