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Best Escorts From Rachaels London Escort Agency

I have just had the best seeing to that I have had in years, it has been so long since I hooked up with a escort I had almost forgot how great some of them are and just how boring my wife is when it comes to doing things in the bedroom.

There were a few escorts agencies that I used to use but time have changed and so many of them have now gone, it seems that a new generation of escorts agencies have arrived, they have great websites and are run in a very professional manner.

Rachaels London Escorts a Great London Agency

A photograph of the professional London escort known as Cassie

The one that I choose to use on this booking, my first booking back in the game was one call Rachaels London Escort Agency, I spoke with a women there, I do believe that she is the owner, she has a great telephone voice and really comes across in a good way, a lot better than most of the other escort agencies out there. There a few agencies in London who have receptionists who can not speak a word of English, when I spoke to some of these I couldn’t make a booking because I couldn’t understand a single word that they were saying. You know its bad when you have to say to the girl on the other line that I am going to send you a text message.

Cassie the Blonde Bombshell

The lady that I saw was called Cassie, she is rather expensive but I don’t mind paying as long as the service is up to standard and believe me with this girl it was, the main reason that I picked her was because she was located in Knightsbridge, my thoughts behind this was if she is there she must be getting work – which means she is good, otherwise how would she be able to afford an apartment in one of the most expensive areas in London.

Cassie is a blonde, she is in her mid twenties and is great, when she opened the door I was blew away , I am talking stunning, one of the most attractive ladies that I have ever seen.

Cassie shares the flat with another girl, it is a really nice apartment which is very clean, she has a very nice bedroom and a great big bed, I do like a good bed, it can make everything seems so much sexier.