Dior London escorts on twitter

london escorts on Twitter

Here is my review for a great London escort that I first lady eyes on when I was looking at Twitter.

London Escort Agency Twitter

I have never thought of booking an escort before, sure I love beautiful ladies but the thought of paying for sex was way out of the question until that is, I was looking through a Twitter profile.

The other day, someone I follow had re-Tweeted a post from a London escort agency, Dior Escorts, and it was a photo of a girl with her boobs out, I was at home alone and thought that I might find some great wanking material there, all of us guys love to do it – it’s a great way of getting rid of stress. The Dior Escorts Twitter profile is always updated with their latest news and services.

A photograph taken of Cassie from Dior Escorts . (The one with her boobs out!)
London Escort with her Boobs out

When I went to their profile I couldn’t believe it, they have loads and loads of girls, I had a flick through the pictures with the sole purpose of just knocking one out but I couldn’t get it hard, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head of what it would be like to actually bang one of these hotties.

My wife was away and what she doesn’t know will not hurt her, so decided to phone up the agency, the girl that I wanted to book was Monika and as you will see from her photos she is hot.

I couldn’t believe it, it was so easy to book and they were so friendly, it’s really not hard.

Within a few minutes of speaking with the lady on the phone, I had a text message with all the details that I needed and I was off.

I thought that I would get the tube – purely because it is so simple and I got there 30 minutes before my appointment was due to start.

My Moments with Monika

Monika lives in a very tall apartment block right on Paddington, the apartment is massive and very very clean. Monika looks like her photos and is very very sexy when she opened the door she was fully dressed but as soon as I paid her she stripped down to very sexy underwear that barely covered her bits.

I had the best time, I could believe how great her oral skills were and how she kept me dangling on the edge, I nearly came 3 times but each time she stopped and let me calm down, this was so much more fun that sitting at home on my own masturbating and I will be doing it again.

Monika tells me that she sees couples all the time and I am just wondering how I could go about getting my wife involved without giving the game away about this little bit of play time.

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